We’re on a mission to put medical back in medical cannabis.

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Our Story

Founding and origin

High Hopes, initially established as Canada’s first cannabis substitution program, had the goal of offering a safe and non-fatal alternative to illicit street drugs for individuals with substance use issues. Today, it has transformed into the country’s first federally licensed cannabis substitution program.

Meet High Hopes

Since 2017, High Hopes has adapted its grassroots model of care in 2022 to better meet the needs of patients and communities. This adaptation includes the formation of a highly specialized team consisting of experts in clinical and social care roles. The team comprises healthcare professionals experienced in medical withdrawal management, licensed pharmacists with published research on medical cannabis, and peers who provide social support based on their personal experiences.

The vision

We believe in whole-person care by leveraging our collaborative care network, which includes medical practitioners, specialists, caregivers, peer support and loved ones.

The philosophy

Since its founding, High Hopes has been on a mission to put medical back into medical cannabis by creating personalized care and customized cannabis-focused care plan designed by healthcare professionals.

We connect patients and communities through a unique and comprehensive network of providers, government agencies and health resources to improve overall quality of care.

Giving back

Your purchase with High Hopes helps us employ people within the DTES community and subsidize the cost of medical cannabis for those who are using medical cannabis as a substitute for illicit and more dangerous drugs.

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