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High Hopes FAQs

last updated: January 20, 2023

what is High Hopes?

High Hopes began in 2017 as a cannabis harm reduction program in downtown eastside that aims to provide substance users in the area with a safe, non-deadly alternative to illicit street drugs.

how does High Hopes work?

  1. Sign up for a membership
  2. Send us your prescription or schedule an appointment with a health practitioner we work with.
  3. Once we receive your prescription, we’ll notify you to checkout.
  4. Receive your medication within a few days.

can you ship to my house?

Yes! We offer shipping all over Canada with free shipping for orders over $150.

can i order online?

Yes! Once we’ve

i am a veteran.

Thank you for your service.
Once we verify your Service Number with Veteran Affairs, upon approval, you are eligible to receive up to 3 g per day with free shipping, we will bill Veteran Affairs directly so no cost will be incurred by you. Please visit our Veteran Program page for more info.

is this legal?

Yes. High Hopes is federally licensed to sell medical cannabis and the farmers we deal with are federally licensed to produced. As a matter of fact, your purchases from High Hopes are tax-deductible as a medical expense.

how are your prices so low?

We get medical cannabis directly from the growers, we do not have a sales or marketing department. We show you exactly what we need to keep the lights on and how much we pay to get your prescription to you.

do i have to buy bulk for a discount?

No as the maximum you can buy is one-month worth of supply as prescribed to you by your health care professional.

where do you get your cannabis from?

We buy from a local producer as BC buds are the best buds, period. All products are lab-tested by an independent third-party to verify the product has 18-25% THC. We only source products that are free of harmful pesticides and insecticides according to guidelines set out by Health Canada.

how old are your products?

All our dried cannabis is freshly harvested and packed within last 3-8 weeks before it arrives to you. Packaged date will be part of labelling of your medical cannabis packaging, but the real test is when you open it, you will know it’s super fresh.

is medical cannabis a tax-deductible expense?

Yes. Medical cannabis from High Hopes is an eligible medical expense recognized by CRA that you can claim on your tax return.

i have a few more questions….

Absolutely! Please visit our help center for more answers to questions any questions you may have but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll connect you with patient support here.