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We are currently prioritizing our medical cannabis supply for medical patients residing in Winnipeg.

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Created in Vancouver, born from a desire to bring affordable, potent and consistent medical cannabis to people who need it most.
Every product purchased helps us hire peer workers in DTES and subsidize the cost of medical cannabis for those who are using medical cannabis as substitute for more harmful illicit drugs.

an ode to bc buds

What is BC bud and why is it legendary? BC buds are cannabis grown in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada, and BC buds have gained a reputation as some of the finest cannabis in the world.

What makes BC Cannabis so special? For starters, the climate in British Columbia is ideal for growing marijuana. The province has long, sunny summers and cool, wet winters, which create the perfect conditions for producing high-quality cannabis. Additionally, the cannabis strains grown in BC are carefully selected and nurtured to ensure that they are of the highest caliber.

But it’s not just the climate and the strains that make BC Cannabis so legendary. The growers in British Columbia are known for their dedication to producing top-notch cannabis. They take great care in every step of the growing process, from planting the seeds to harvesting the buds, to ensure that their product is of the highest quality.

The result is a type of cannabis that is highly sought after by connoisseurs around the world. People who have tried BC Cannabis rave about its smooth, rich flavor and potent effects. It has become a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts, and is considered by many to be the gold standard in the world of cannabis.

In conclusion, BC Cannabis is truly a legend in the world of marijuana. Its high-quality strains and dedication to producing top-notch cannabis have earned it a reputation as some of the finest marijuana on the planet. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend giving it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

quality & price differences

between black market vs legal market

High-potency BC Medical Cannabis is the best option for patients.

First and foremost, high-potency cannabis is more effective at treating a wide range of medical conditions. It has a higher concentration of the active ingredients in marijuana, which means that patients can consume less of it to achieve the desired effects. This is especially important for patients who are using marijuana to manage chronic pain or other conditions that require ongoing treatment.

Additionally, high-potency cannabis is more cost-effective for patients. Because they need to consume less of it to achieve the desired effects, patients can save money on their overall marijuana use. This is especially important for those who are on a fixed income or who have high medical expenses.

Another benefit of high-potency BC Medical Cannabis is its quality. As a regulated market, BC Cannabis is held to strict standards for quality and safety. This means that patients can trust that the cannabis they are consuming is free from contaminants and is of the highest caliber. In contrast, the illegal market is not subject to these same standards, so the quality of the cannabis can be highly variable.

In conclusion, high-potency BC Medical Cannabis is the best option for medical patients. Its effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and quality make it a superior choice to the illegal market. If you are a medical professional, I encourage you to consider recommending high-potency BC Medical Cannabis to your patients.