legal vs illegal cannabis products: a comparative analysis

As a medical cannabis patient, it is important for you to be aware of the dangers of using illegal cannabis products from the black market. A recent comparative analysis by the New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council found that only 43% of illegal cannabis products contained the amount of THC that was promised on their labels. In addition, none of the illegal products passed tests for mould, bacteria, and pesticides.

illegal vs legal cannabis: THC result
illegal vs legal cannabis: bacteria test results
illegal vs legal cannabis: mould test results
moldy illegal cannabis

The presence of these contaminants can pose serious health risks to consumers, including respiratory infections, organ damage, and cancer. Furthermore, the use of illegal cannabis products can also be associated with other risks, such as criminal activity and potential legal consequences.

To protect your health and avoid these risks, it is important to obtain your medical cannabis from a legal and regulated source, such as a licensed producer or dispensary. These products are rigorously tested for safety and quality, and can provide you with greater assurances of their effectiveness.

In conclusion, we strongly advise medical cannabis patients to avoid using illegal cannabis products from the black market. These products can be contaminated with harmful substances and can pose serious health risks. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your medication, it is important to obtain your cannabis from a legal and regulated source.

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are those of the author and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any medical questions or concerns, please talk to your healthcare practitioner.