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We are currently prioritizing our medical cannabis supply for medical patients in Quebec City, Montreal and Gatineau.

rooted in vancouver

Created in Vancouver, born from a desire to bring affordable, potent and consistent medical cannabis to people who need it most.
Every product purchased helps us hire peer workers in DTES and subsidize the cost of medical cannabis for those who are using medical cannabis as substitute for more harmful illicit drugs.

an ode to bc buds

Ô BC cannabis, si doux et si cher
Ton parfum est pur, ton goût divin
Tu guéris le corps et apaises l’esprit
Un véritable don de la nature cannabis

Cultivé avec soin et fierté
Tu es le meilleur de la légalité
Pas de contaminants, pas d’additifs, pas de mensonges
Juste un médicament pur et puissant dans chaque bouchée

Pour les patients médicaux du marché noir
Nous vous exhortons à nous donner une chance
Venez sur le marché légal et voyez
Les avantages de la BC cannabis, si élevés

Avec des prix justes et une qualité irréprochable
Nous vous garantissons que vous serez satisfait
Alors faites le changement, et laissez-nous être
Votre source de cannabis médical, si doucement.

quality difference

between black market vs legal market

For years, there has been a pervasive “urban legend” that illegal cannabis is of superior quality to that sold through the regulated market. However, recent research has shown this to be nothing more than a myth.

Researchers of the study, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that cannabis sold through the legal market is just as potent and of similar quality to that sold illegally. This refutes the common belief that illegal cannabis is somehow “better” or “more pure” than that sold through the regulated market. In reality, the opposite is often true. Illegal cannabis is not subject to any sort of quality control or testing, which means that it can be contaminated with pesticides, mold, and other harmful substances.

On the other hand, legal cannabis is carefully regulated and tested to ensure that it meets strict standards for potency and purity. This means that when you purchase legal cannabis, you can trust that you are getting a safe and reliable product.

Additionally, buying illegal cannabis not only puts your health at risk, but it also supports the black market and the criminal organizations that operate within it. By purchasing legal cannabis from social enterprise such as ours, you are helping the community but also protecting your own health.

In short, the “urban legend” that illegal cannabis is of superior quality is simply not true. Legal cannabis is just as potent and of similar quality to illegal cannabis, and it comes with the added benefits of being regulated and tested for purity. So, for the sake of your health and the health of the industry, consider purchasing legal cannabis.