when you buy from High Hopes, you help fund community initiatives & programming

What is High Hopes and why is it different? High Hopes is a women-owned medical cannabis social enterprise based in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES). Not only does High Hopes employ peers from the DTES community, but the company also funds medical cannabis substitution programs and research on medical cannabis.

At High Hopes, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting those in need. That’s why we prioritize hiring individuals from the DTES community, providing them with meaningful employment opportunities and a supportive work environment. By hiring from within the community, we are not only help to create jobs and economic opportunities in the DTES, but we also help to break down the stigma and discrimination that individuals in this community often face.


After paying the bills for basic living essentials, an average person on income assistance in British Columbia is left with $3.67 per day for medicine and emergency expenses.
83% of our patient population is on income assistance or earn below poverty rate
29% of our patient population is unemployed
22% of our patient population is disabled
21% of our patient population is precariously housed (unhoused/shelter)
27% of our patient population is in assisted living or SROs