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High Hopes

30-70% saving

lab-tested &
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Our commitment

High Hopes is committed to providing safe, affordable and potent medical cannabis with transparency on pricing.
Quick processing time with real-time update and expedited shipping.

sending prescriptions

be sure to include your patient’s email address so we can notify them when we receive their prescription

by fax

+1 (604) 696-3745

for faster service, use our prescription request form

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can patients pay using insurance?

Yes. We work with all insurance providers.

how do i change a prescription that i’ve sent through?

Please fax or email us the new prescription.

how will i be contacted for questions regarding my patient’s prescription?

We will contact you by phone if we have any questions regarding your prescriptions.

how long does it take to process a prescription?

It will take us 24 hours from receiving prescription, verifying prescription to notifying patients to checkout.

do I need to include the patient’s email address on prescriptions?

Yes please. Email is how we notify patients their prescription has arrived for checkout.