Integrated care collaboration

High Hopes offers technology-empowered, human-centered, community-focused care, in-person or from anywhere in Canada through our app. We believe in whole-person care through care collaboration to drive better care and patient outcome.
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Accessible care

Multi-disciplinary, team-based care to provide whole-person care 24/7/365. Leveraging a suite of solutions and interoperable care collaboration network, we are reimagining a vision of whole-person care that is revolutionizing healthcare.
Whole-person care relies on strong communication between health care providers, experienced caregivers, patients, community resources, families, and other entities beyond the “traditional” approach to care.

Who do we serve?

  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Health plans members
  • Long-term facilities
  • Assisted care homes
  • Overdose prevention sites
  • Harm reduction organization
  • Home-health services
  • Hospitals
  • Detox centres
  • Peer support services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Support groups
  • Public health entities
  • Social workers
  • Shelters
  • Social housing providers
Ready to bring High Hopes to your organization?

Continuous approach

Enhanced by technology, our evidence-based care system is informed by peer-reviewed research in collaboration and participation with our partner public health and academic institutions.

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can patients pay using insurance?

Yes. We work with all insurance providers.

what if patients need help urgently?

We have a entire team of experienced caregivers to support with errands, depending on the request and timeline, we may be able to help.

what are some services you provide?

Our most popular services include help with meal preps, organizing socialization activities, picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping and handy work around the house.